Daily Archives: February 3, 2018

What I like about Evelyn Augusto’s effort to help stop gun violence is that she combines poetry with action. She visits high schools to offer students tools that are not self-distructive. Evelyn’s contact info is at the bottom of the poster. Contact her if you’d like her to speak to your local high school. At this writing, according to the Gun Violence Archive there have been twenty-five school shootings thus far this year… Read More

i hear the crack of dawn in the dense concrete of this building and
 imagine the wind sculptured glaciers melting before their time,
 the roars and whispers of the oceans protesting while parents tear and children 
hum songs of longing, hearts sundered ~
 in citrus layers of sunlight rising, the messages of earth are unbound,
 any soul can hear or sense them, even mine … and now i know, 
i know why poems… Read More