What I like about Evelyn Augusto’s effort to help stop gun violence is that she combines poetry with action. She visits high schools to offer students tools that are not self-distructive. Evelyn’s contact info is at the bottom of the poster. Contact her if you’d like her to speak to your local high school.

At this writing, according to the Gun Violence Archive there have been twenty-five school shootings thus far this year resulting in twenty-five deaths and 118 injuries.

If you agree that we need to share this info – get the word out – please feel free to cut and paste this into a post on your own site or just use the WP reblog feature. Thank you!



  1. if guns were flowers they would be colorful

    beautiful appealing and smell so nice

    they would be light to carry ,would carry love

    and powder of affection rather than affliction

    if guns were flowers there would be gardens

    more and graves less, joy more, sadness less

    would soothe comfort please and caress

    friends favorites fans more,enemies less

    if guns were flowers I would plant them

    then gather the seeds to share for PEACE

    then gather some more , go to the shore

    sail the seas on ancient ship,to get more

    anjum wasim dar


    CER Copyright 2018

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    1. I’d like to see this poem inscribed on the hearts of Americans. Please post IF GUNS WERE FLOWERS at my Facebook group: Guns Don’t Save People Poets Do: Dueling with words to stop gun violence

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    1. Walt, thank you for sharing U R Not Your Gun with your readers. I am certain that while I can’t pull a gun out of a gun lover’s hand … I can, thru my poetry, get them to recognize the maddness so that eventually they have less and less interest or need for their weapon.
      See: Guns Don’t Save People Poets Do … a Facebook group.

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