“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.” Robert Graves

The rewards are mostly in the writing and reading but also in helping fellow poets and promoting poetry and other arts as game-changers and life-saving graces. Imagine a world where everyone could indulge their chosen artistic expression. It would be a better world. I often think about all the people who are on the run: running from wars, conflicts, environmental injustice and climate disruptions. I wish for them, of course, health, safety, housing, stability, food, education. But I also wish for them to have paper and pencil, art supplies, carving tools and so on. This is all by way of telling you about one of last week’s delights. I am always tickled to learn about poets supporting the work of others, especially good but lesser know and outsider artists.

Marta Pombo (Moments) wrote to tell me about “My Best Literary Review.” She wrote, “I am a poetry lover and would like to help Mario Savioni, a poet friend of mine, to get more recognition. …  In order to help him I wrote a paper reviewing his entire literary work, which basically consists of poems and prose-poetry short stories. All the people who have read my review said they liked it. They also told me it is well written.”

KUDOS TO MARTA: She clearly worked hard on this review. HERE it is. See what you think.