Levure littéraire, Vita Brevis, and The Literary Ladies Guide to the Writing Life

Worth your time:

  1. Levure littéraire is exceptional in so many ways. It’s worthy of your time and so clearly exhibits the thought, originality and hard work of its founder and editorial board, which includes Hélène Cardona and Aprilia Zank. The video below is an introduction to the 14th issue that will include three of my poems along with poetry, other writing and artwork by an impressive gathering of writers and artists. Roxanne Brousseau Felio created this stellar video. I don’t know when 14 will go up, but don’t wait to check it out. This international multilingual publication is not to be missed.
  2. Vita Brevis is a relatively new online poetry venue I introduced to you here some time ago.  I like the gentle grace of this modest effort and took a chance with the new kid on the block when it first crossed my radar. The reason I say “took a chance” is because if you have little or nothing to study as an example of style and values, you never know how things are going to turn out and it may turn out to be embarrassing. Vita Brevis is anything but embarrassing and is now open for submissions. I encourage you to visit, read and submit. You can read my submission HERE.



I recently discovered this delightful site, The Literary Ladies Guide to the Writing Life. I’m addicted. So very many old friends featured there and some new-to-me-writers. A fabulous and most enjoyable find. Lit Ladies is on Facebook HERE. The website is HERE.  Enjoy!