“You see the suffering of children all the time nowadays. Wars and famines are played out before us in our living rooms, and almost every week there are pictures of children who have been through unimaginable loss and horror. Mostly they look very calm. You see them looking into the camera, directly at the lens, and knowing what they have been through you expect to see terror or grief in their eyes, yet so often there’s no visible emotion at all. They look so blank it would be easy to imagine that they weren’t feeling much.” Mary Lawson, Crow Lake

Eye-candy, a feast of crocus, bursting
Through the snow-laden ground
Drunk on the promise of spring
The devil behind, that shadow side
Clouds shape shifting, take on
The broad outlines of a memoir

Angels dance on the razor’s edge
Forget that pin stupidity, reductio
ad absurdum, politicians and scholars
Debating, while greed and warring go on
Starving the children, curse the insanity
Dialectic, acquisition, murdering hoards

Clouds, shape shifting, take on
The contours of shame, crocus buries
Itself and the promise of spring
The broad outlines of memoir dissolve
The slashed moon drools ichor

How long can the innocent bear life
On the razor’s edge, coiling the fire
Of their despair around our hearts
Drawn to the verge on the reflux of
Rudimentary souls, vertigo, nausea
Nostalgia for what will never be known

© 2019, poem (first draft), Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved



  1. Respected Jamie Ji, a striking powerful poetic composition.In the first reading I felt the depth of pain and the gravity of the theme but had to read it again and again to grasp the still point.Beautifully linked thoughts with superb choice of words, for a couple the dictionary opened to help and increase my knowledge.Loved the classic references. Thank you for sharing You are a classic poet An honor to know you. Stay Blessed always amen

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  2. Interesting that you should use digitalis aka Foxglove for your post. It can be extemely toxic leading to death or save lives. It has such beautiful colouring yet the photo has grey hues. Was this intentional? I say it had to be.

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      1. I thought maybe I shouldn’t have made the observation. So thank you for letting me know 🙂 ❤ I know just how toxic they can be but just how beauiful they are. Deceptive creation! lol One of natures wonders!

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