Opportunity Knocks: 8 Calls for Submissions, 2 Competitions

Huddart Park, San Francisco Peninsula

The Unfettered Canticle of Trees

Still for a moment the church bells
pealing the ancient canonical hours.
Still the lyric call of the muezzin.
Silence the Shacharit, the Mincha, the Arvit.
Stay the wheels and the flying flags.
Let nature’s prayer alone reverberate
in the unfettered canticle of trees.

– Jamie Dedes


Opportunity Knocks replaces Sunday Announcements.  

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“THE BeZINE” CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS thebezine.com is open for the upcoming June edition to be published on June 15, deadline June 10. This is an entirely volunteer effort, a mission. We are unable to pay contributors but neither do we charge for submissions or subscriptions. The theme is sustainability. We publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, feature articles, art and photography, and music videos and will consider anything that lends itself to online posting. There are no demographic restrictions. We do not publish work that promotes hatred or advocates for violence. All such will be immediately rejected. We’d like to see work that doesn’t just point to problems but that suggests solutions. We are also interested in initiatives happening in your community – no matter where in the world – that might be easily picked up by other communities. Please forward your submissions to bardogroup@gmail.com No odd formatting. Submit work in the body of your email along with a BRIEF bio. Work submitted via Facebook or message will not be considered for publication. We encourage you to submit work in your first language, but it must be accompanied by translation into English. / Jamie Dedes


CIMARRON REVIEW, English Department, Oklahoma State University,  publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art. Details HERE.

FIYAH LIT, a quarterly magazine of fantasy, science fiction, and horror (fiction and poetry) by Black writers will open for submissions to Issue #12 themed “Chains” from July 1 – July 31, 2019. Mark your calendar. Paying market. Details HERE.

GESTURE LITERARY JOURNAL is open for submissions of chapbooks and full-length manuscripts through December 23. No submission fee. Details HERE.

HUDSON REVIEW “publishes fiction, poetry, essays, books reviews; criticism of literature, art, theatre, dance, film, and music; and articles on contemporary cultural developments.” This is among the foremost American literary journals. Reading period for unsolicited poetry manuscripts is open through June 30.  Details HERE.

MSLEXIA  is publishes themed writing, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction four times yearly and hosts a website that supports women writers with information, inspiration, and instruction. Paying market. Details HERE.

34TH PARALLEL INDIE LITMAG DIGITAL & PRINT publishes “fiction, and non-fiction (such as documentary,  straight-out journalism, essay, screenplay, greatest tweets etc)” … “poetry (aka your story that isn’t prose, Nobel prize-winning lyrics, hip-hop, Instagram memes, that kind of thing)” … (art, photography, photo story or essay, comic, cartoon, emojis, all that).”  Submission fees. Details HERE.

TRUE STORY “a monthly mini mag,” publishes long-from nonfiction, 5,000 – 10,000 words, and is open for submission. Submission fee. Paying market. Details HERE.



PHILIP LEVINE PRIZE FOR POETRY, sponsored by Anhinga Press and California State University, Fresno, is open from July 1- September 30. Mark your calendar. Entry fee. Cash award, publication, and author’s copies. Details HERE.

THE NATIONAL POETRY COMPETITION of The Poetry Society (U.K.) “is one of the world’s biggest single poem competitions. The entry fee is £7 for your first poem, and £4 per poem thereafter. Members of The Poetry Society can enter a second poem for free. The closing date is 31 October 2019.” Mark your calendars. Details HERE.


Four Poems from Myra Schneider’s Latest Collection (her tenth!), “Lifting the Sky”

Myra Schneider – Poet, poetry teacher and consultant to Second Light Network of Women Poets

“I believe the role of the poet is to reflect on human experience and the world we live in and to articulate it for oneself and others. Many people who suffer a loss or go through a trauma feel a need for poetry to give voice to their grief and to support them through a difficult time. When an atrocity is committed poems are a potent way of expressing shock and anger, also of bearing witness. I think that the poet can write forcefully, using a different approach from a journalist, about subjects such as climate change, violence, abuse and mental illness and that this is meaningful to others. I very much believe too that poetry is a way of celebrating life. I think it deserves a central place in our world.”  A Life Immersed in Poetry: Myra Schneider, Celebrating Over 50 Years as Poet and Writer

What a delight today to bring you four of Myra Schneider’s poems from her tenth collection, Lifting the Sky.  I believe I’ve read nearly all of Myra’s collections. I’ve reviewed a number of them. I am never disappointed. She soothes and inspires with layers of color and texture and keen and compassionate observations of nature, people and the human condition. I’ve also read and reviewed Writing Your Self: Transforming Personal Material (written with John Killick) and Writing My Way Through Cancer. These too I would recommend without reservation. Yes!  I am an enthusiastic fan.

You can visit Myra HERE and you can purchase her books directly from her. Myra’s Amazon U.S. Page HERE.  Myra’s Amazon U.K. Page HERE. Some of Myra’s books are also available through Anne Stewart’s poetry p f, another recommendation, by the way. Lifting the Sky is available on Kindle.


were a surprise. At first I thought

they were icicles in a frozen waterfall

but they seemed to be fluid as honey


dropping from a comb. Then I noticed

the kitchen table and washing machine

were edgeless, melting away


and I wondered if they’d been magicked

by the instrument, its gold that was so unlike

the sleekness of a Pharaoh’s death mask,


the solidity of Cellini’s over-elaborate

salt cellar or the jewel-studded crown

worn by Holy Roman Emperors –


such symbols of pomp, self-importance.

The bells summoned buttercups, lilies,

their stamens tipped with orange powder,


the different ochres of fallen leaves

For moments I believed they were healing

the wounded world but they disappeared.


Hopeless, I stood by the January window

until I saw dusk was rivering the sky

with saffron and lemon, took heart.

– Myra Schneider


lift my hooves for gallop,

rise as my white wings open.

Wind rushes into my pricked ears.

Excitement whinnies from my mouth,

ripples through my flanks, drives me

towards a place that’s always cloudless.

Below me are snow-spattered peaks,

valleys where rivers wander, where trees

are laden with oranges, small suns

which pay homage to the sphere above.

Below me are huge cities with domes,

spires and innumerable buildings,

the tallest invade the blue of sky.

I miss nothing: the glassy stare

of cars stampeding like maddened cattle,

humans fleeing from burning towns,

forests felled like mighty armies,

the sea hurling itself in fury

at the land, barren fields thirsting

for water, skeletons of starved creatures.

I choose a verdant slope when I land,

hoof its milky grass and a spring

bubbles up from earth that’s rich

with squirming worms. Then I rejoice

for I am the breath in and the breath out,

I am the quickening which comes unbidden  

to the mind, blossoms into words

that tug the heart, I am sounds which bell

the air and enthral the ear, shapes

and colours which come together

to sing. I counter hatred, destruction.

I will not be stamped out.

– Myra Schneider


multiple in shape and mood, I can’t resist you

as slip of an eel with tips longing to touch  

and kiss, as a silent circle of self queening

the measureless iris-blue that’s only

an optical illusion, as an orange sun hung              

low in the sky to herald cornucopia,

as Salome in swirling veils, a saviour who throws

light on dangerous passageways. Oh moon,

ferrier of calm to those enduring pain

in tousled beds, lean over the homeless

lying in sweaty tents, search out the terrified

who’ve fled to the mountains where they ward off

cold at night by huddling in crevices to sleep,

bring them your silvergold bracelets of hope.

– Myra Schneider


Plant yourself in the quiet on a familiar floor
or on an uncut summer lawn

and, thinking of seabirds, stretch out your arms,
let them ascend through the unresisting air.

With palms facing upwards, travel your hands
till your fingertips almost meet,

then release your breath, begin to separate yourself
from the weight of all that lies on you.

Allow your mind to open to this moment and your arms
to rise as they lift the palpable blue

high above the crown of your head.
Your wings will fold away

but raise them slowly to the blue again, maybe
a lightness like liquid amber will flow through you.

– Myra Schneider

Lifting the Sky: an exercise in qigong the Chinese practice of breathing, movement and meditation.