Daily Archives: May 16, 2019

The Unfettered Canticle of Trees Still for a moment the church bells pealing the ancient canonical hours. Still the lyric call of the muezzin. Silence the Shacharit, the Mincha, the Arvit. Stay the wheels and the flying flags. Let nature’s prayer alone reverberate in the unfettered canticle of trees. – Jamie Dedes Notes: Opportunity Knocks replaces Sunday Announcements.   Links to articles, events and news of interest to poets and writers are regularly published on… Read More

“I believe the role of the poet is to reflect on human experience and the world we live in and to articulate it for oneself and others. Many people who suffer a loss or go through a trauma feel a need for poetry to give voice to their grief and to support them through a difficult time. When an atrocity is committed poems are a potent way of expressing shock and anger,… Read More