Daily Archives: May 8, 2019

Originally posted on POETIC OCEANS:
NaPoWriMo for short the National Poetry Writing Month’  is an event I eagerly await  ever since I have come  to know about it. My love of writing and poetry is the force behind the acceptance and meeting of the challenge. This year it took a miraculous turn for which  the first credit  goes to Respected G Jamie Ji  , The Poet By Day, the multi talented  writer…

“The winter seemed reluctant to let go its bite. It hung on cold and wet and windy long after its time. And people repeated, “It’s those damned big guns they’re shooting off in France– spoiling the weather in the whole world.” John Steinbeck, East of Eden Summer arrived a bit ahead of schedule with dry air, stifling heat, persistent drought and languid children, too hot and too sleepy. The weird winter weather put a damper… Read More