Opportunity Knocks: Calls for Submissions and Competitions

Gamble Garden, Palo Alto, California

“Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow
with gold at both ends.”
Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry


Opportunity Knocks replaces Sunday Announcements.  

Links to articles, events and news of interest to poets and writers are regularly published on The Poet by Day FaceBook Page.  

You are welcome (encouraged) to share your work and announcements on The BeZine Arts and Humanities FaceBook Group Discussion Page


Join us for this week’s WEDNESDAY WRITING PROMPT.

Submissions to The BeZine, June 2019 issue are open. Submissions should be emailed to bardogroup@gmail.com. June 2019 issue, Deadline June 10th. Theme: Sustainability; September 2019 issue, Opens for submission July 1st, Deadline September 10th, Theme: Human Rights/Social Justice


CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL publishes upbeat and inspirational stories and poems for themed anthologies. Upcoming are: I can’t stop laughing, deadline July 31, 2019; Stories about Christmas, deadline January 30, 2010; Stories about miracles, June 30, 2019; the forgiveness fix, May 30, 2019; the golden years or second wind, June 30, 2019. No submission fee. Paying market. Details HERE.

CONTRARY MAGAZINE publishes poetry, fiction, and lyrical commentary/creative non-fiction. The deadlines: summer, June 1; autumn, September 1, Winter, December 1. No submission fee.Paying market. Details HERE.

GEHENNA & HINNOM MAGAZINE 2019 has an open call for submissions of fiction and poetry that fit the themes of Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror. No submission fees. Paying market. Details HERE.

HELIOS MAGAZINE is a horror, science fiction, and fantasy quarterly that accepts unsolicited manuscripts from June 1 – 30 and publishes poetry, fiction, reprints, and translations.  No submission fee. Paying market. Details HERE.

THE LIFTED BROW is accepting translations for their Digital Intimacies issue. No submission fee. Paying market. Details HERE.

THE OFFING MAGAZINE publishes essays, fiction (including excerpts from novels and short story collections), poetry, and cross genre. No submission fee. Paying market. Details HERE.

SLANT MAGAZINE invites submissions on new films, music, TV, DVD/Blu-ray, video game, book and theater writers for reviews, interviews, lists, retrospectives, and festival coverage. Details HERE.

THEMA, many plots / one premise, publishes short stories, essays, poems, photographs and art related to specified premises: The Clumsy Gardener [July 1, 2019]; What a Strange Question! [November 1, 2019]; Not of this World [March 1, 2020.  No submission fee. Paying Market. Details HERE.

WOODS READER publishes focuses on woodland areas and publishes articles, poems, photographs and illustrations. No submission fee. Paying market. Details HERE.

THE WRITER publishes articles (300-3,000 words) in support of aspiring and pro writers. Send query letter. Details HERE.

WRITER’S DIGEST publishes articles in support of aspiring and pro writers. The editors will consider pitches and manuscripts on spect. No submission fee. Paying market. Details HERE.


WRITER’S DIGEST 88TH WRITING COMPETITIONS are open for entries. Entry fee. Cash and other awards. Categories: Annual Writing Competition, June 3 deadline; Self-published Book Awards, May 31; Popular Fiction, October 14; Poetry Award, November 1; Short Story, January 14, 2010.



An invitation . . .


“I make art, sometimes I make true art, and sometimes it fills the empty places in my life. Some of them. Not all.”  Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The BeZine now sponsors two Facebook Groups.  The first, established years ago, is The BeZine 100TPC 100,000 Poets (and friends) for Change. It was established to share best practices for facilitating change, to share good news and initiatives that might easily be implemented anywhere. It’s not a place to simply regurgitate the horror stories playing out around the world. It is a place to encourage positive action.


An invitation to a 

~ A Lovely Place to Network ~

The new Facebook Group:  The BeZine Arts and Humanities discussion group is also unique. It’s place to share all your arts activities and accomplishments, not just poetry, in the hope of inspiring one another and encouraging collaborations among the arts. Within this group you may announce publications, showings, events and so forth. You are invited – encouraged – to share your videos: music, poetry readings, photography, art, film and so forth. No selling please … And . . . please keep it kind and supportive. Thank you!

Please welcome Anjum Wasim Dar (Poetic Oceans) as my new co-admin along with Michael Dickel.  We look forward to seeing you there.