This is what I like to see: connection, collaboration, creativity. Congratulations Paul Brookes, Anjum Ji, and Sammy-John. Thank you, Anjum Ji, for sharing all. Blessings … / J.D.


NaPoWriMo for short the National Poetry Writing Month’  is an event I eagerly await  ever since I have come  to know about it. My love of writing and poetry is the force behind the acceptance and meeting of the challenge. This year it took a miraculous turn for which  the first credit  goes to Respected G Jamie Ji  , The Poet By Day, the multi talented  writer and a profound inspiration whose tremendous motivation  guided  helped and encouraged me to write. The Wednesday Writing Prompt  was the starting point where I got the chance to read many  great writers poets and artists who shared their excellent work, among them I came to know Mr Paul Brookes a prolific writer poet and Interviewer.
Mr Paul had asked if any writers were interested in taking part in the poetry writing challenge …I typed ‘yes’ in the response box and soon enough received…

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  1. Respected Jamie Ji

    Just received the following comment on my poetry Blog Poetic Oceans by a Mr Frank McMahon. It is addressed to you

    Ah, Jamie, I think you would have loved this walk today,
    if I had flown you here on this grateful poet’s
    magic carpet, here to the heart of England,
    to this ancient woodland steeped in Spring,
    muddy, yes but the birdsong eggs you on
    and up, past the hillside robed in clouds
    of bluebells, through the liquid green of hazel leaves
    and sights of the rolling hills beyond.
    But why look there when round your feet
    are the season’s gentle colours co-existing:
    campion pink and pure white stitchwort,
    yellow archangel’s dabs, soft beneath its mottled leaves
    and the deep peace which holds you
    when you stand and look around. Gracias.
    I hold your hand across the ocean
    and wish you endless Springs like these.

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  2. Respected Jamie Ji Thank you for All the support encouragement and profound inspiration May Allah bless you with the best of everything amen. I am deeply grateful to you. Insha Allah will soon write about ‘Bilingual Poetry’ آپ نے کیسے مجھے شاعر بنایا How I began to write poems in my first language Urdu.

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