Wow! Well done. For those who might not know or remember Rachel Dolezal is an American author, multimedia artist, former college instructor, and former NAACP chapter president known for claiming to be a black woman while being of European ancestry and having no verifiable African ancestry.

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for Kara Walker

Jamal has been diagnosed with a severe form of Race Dysphoria, producing anxiety, even psychotic episodes, by desires to identify as a racial type other than the one assigned at birth. Since he was six, Jamal has felt like a white person, never eating collard greens or fried flounder sandwiches. His mother called him a “picky eater” though she sometimes worried it might be more than that. Jamal’s father was convinced he was gay since he showed no interest in sports except fencing which he watched on PBS® every Friday at nine. When his brother, Tyrone, played rap music, Jamal hid under blankets in a fetal position which his counselor said was a sure symptom of Oedipal conflict and regression to a pre-sexual stage. [Race Dysphoria* was appended to DSM-IV by a near-unanimous vote at the Spring A.P.A. convention in 2018. Members disagreed about how the…

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  1. Psychologists might understand things better, and so, make a better job, if and when they finally acknowledge that we don’t live just one lifetime, but many…
    From one lifetime (or one series of lifetimes) to another, changes in gender as well as racial appearance and culture obviously may be confusing and troubling for the individual soul making that change. To be called a diseased person on top of it doesn’t make it any easier for the personality undergoing the supposedly unexplainable ‘wrong identification’…

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      1. Oh yes, definitely, I understand that too… *big sigh*. Being myself a total mix-up of races, although French officially, just by living for some years in France I became very aware of how this problem feels… And now, living in India, of all places, isn’t that easy either, although I also have roots from there!!!

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