“Love’s language starts, stops, starts;
the right words flowing or clotting in the heart.”
Carol Ann Duffy, Rapture

It is a delight to feature Ranjana’s poetry once again. Enjoy! / J.D.

The Sun and the Chimney Sweeper
The view from my balcony:
A sun-splashed morning–
The incandescent ball
splits up into a pair of golden wings–
Time trembles like a butterfly
in a state of delicious langour:
I feel the flutter in the
cradle of imagination!
No view under the city flyover–
Home of the homeless–
The migrant construction workers!
The golden gleams can’t turn
the drudgery into happiness.
The daybreak becomes
a maddening tedium–
An endless treadmill of
running, panting, and
counting down seconds!
Uprooted from their native place,
vulnerable to discrimination;
under constant hazards of
falls, machine-injuries, and
amputations, they remain!
The sun can’t better and brighten
their monolithic nothingness:
Poverty, quite often,
gives birth to many
deprived of sunshine and light
dreaming of black coffins!
The River Godavari
Godavari in the arms of evening,
        The hush of descending hours;
A hazy surreal beauty in the making
        Beyond the human Powers!
The horizon sun a big red zircon
        Suspended with a chain of gold,
Like pendant hangs on her bosom–
        Reflections on the ripples’ fold.
Cool and innocuous the river flows
        Alive in an endless panoply
Of agony and ecstasy, joy and sorrow,
        Thinning the line between real and fantasy.
She carries immortal mysteries of mortals
        Sometimes frozen, sometimes moving,
Ashes of the deceased, the devotee’s flowers,
        Abode of psyches dead and living.
Fossils of unanswered thoughts in depths unknown,
        Curiously appear on the surface terrain;
I look at Godavari and find the answers
        And feel the waters in my vein!
Night Rain
Rimjhim rain
falls like whispers
from the wet sky
Mists and clouds
Receding moonlight
Coolness of night
fascinating and poetic
The soft susurration
a toast of love
Cheers! Slainte! Kampai!
Clinking  of goblets
transparent and crystalline
Bronze and russet sunlight
held within by water
The colour wraps itself
around my fluttering heart
and seeps into my veins
The metaphor of rain
hurts and heals
Quaint contradictions!
© 2019, Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha
A professor by profession and a poet by passion, Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha has received many awards for her contribution to literature. Accolade from the former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for her poem Mother Nature. She is an eminent poet, author, and a critic. Her poems, short stories and research papers have been widely published in highly acclaimed dailies, magazines, e-zines, journals and archives at national and international levels. Authored and Published 07 books in different genres and 50 research papers covering different themes. Poems published in more than 15 prestigious international anthologies and archives. Research Supervisor, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur (India).


Recent in digital publications: 
* Five poems, Spirit of Nature, Opa Anthology of Poetry, 2019
* From the Small Beginning, Entropy Magazine (Enclave, #Final Poems)(July 2019)
* Over His Morning Coffee, Front Porch Review (July 2019)
Upcoming in digital publications:
* The Damask Garden, In a Woman’s Voice (August 2019)

A busy though bed-bound poet, writer, former columnist and the former associate editor of a regional employment newspaper, my work has been featured widely in print and digital publications including: Levure littéraireRamingo’s Porch, Vita Brevis Literature, HerStry, Connotation Press, The Bar None Group, Salamander CoveI Am Not a Silent Poet, Meta/ Phor(e) /Play, Woven Tale PressThe Compass Rose and California Woman. Among others,  I’ve been featured on The MethoBlog, on the Plumb Tree’s Wednesday Poet’s Corner, and several times as Second Light Live featured poet.

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