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May this be the year we let go of certainty and embrace mystery.

May this be the year we know love as respect and peace as decision.

HAPPY 2016!



  1. Happy New Year to you too, Jamie. You are so pithy.

    There is of course no such thing as certainty (the ex-scientist in me speaks), but mystery, ah mystery, how cripplingly boring would it be without mystery! Love and respect are, of course, synonymous.


    1. The problem is that so many of are certain we know a truth to be the Truth that it pits us against one another and as far as love – which generally translates to affection of one depth or another – we don’t need everyone’s affection. We do need to respect/regard for our feelings, rights, differences and traditions of others. Thanks for your visit and input, John. Always valued. May 2016 be filled with peace of mind and heart.


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