fullsizerender-19the peace of the blue dawn
writes its script across the days
in a never-ending poem
……….[telling the story
of my love for half-done things
the bud before the bloom,
the fiction roughly outlined,
the crescent moon in saffron hue,
the child with all his promise

© 2017, poem and photograph, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved


  1. I love this poem Jamie. It is something I have a difficult time in doing. We all have unique personalities but mine is always aware to the ‘nth degree that I have so much I have not finished. My books and so many small things. The thought preys on my mind. But here you have made it all beautiful and not to be worried over at all. You have been posting some really beautiful poems lately Jamie. As you would say “Poem On”!


    1. I know. We want to complete everything, but there is beauty in promise and all will be attended to in time, no? And maybe some times the lessons are in the start and then we let go the project. No need to carry on. Poem on, Renee, and keep the faith.

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  2. Yes! What amazes me is that I can hold in my heart the two opposing beliefs that my life is only half lived and that I’ve lived a life that is so full that it feel complete.

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