Blogospher Map, A Network of Interconnections courtesy of Jenna Greenbaum under Attribution license and originally published in Discover Science. I was unable to find references for the numbers but still think it’s visually interesting.

Thanks to Die Erste Eslarner Zeitung for bringing the graphic report to our attention.  This is mostly about blogging as business, but there’s some information of possible interest to hobbiest bloggers, writers and poets toward the end of this report: ideal number of words in a title, best post-length, best time to blog … that sort of thing. You should find a few helpful hints amid the engaging trivia. Enjoy!


courtesy of



  1. Celilia, thank you for letting me know. I’m so pleased you got something out of it. I just did a quick check on your blog (Lovely!) and looks like you’re into it – at least in part – to generate income. You might want to look into for a potential source of further help. Good luck with all. Thanks for stopping by and reading.


  2. This is by far the best post about blogging I’ve read! I can’t thank you again, I actually changed the scheduling date for my next blog to Saturday instead of Friday. I write 3 posts per week and I am still hoping to get some success. Again, thank you, very valuable information!

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