pillow of night and blanket of stars,
a mermaid swims and the spittle of the sea
pickles REM images in gray-green brine,
a coral complex of hallucination dissolves
in an ocean of unrelenting wakefulness

the mind tossed on waves, rides a
maverick of lost memories, spirit bobbing,
holding on through the night, aching
to do little but consort with dreams

© 2018, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved.


  1. Beautiful surreal images that can be touched and felt. Cannot now remember the date of your move but if it has come about hope it went well. We will sign the lease around the 15th of March, maybe sooner. The apartment should be ready by the 24th so we can move over the smaller items and boxes and then my grandson and son-in-law and hopefully another will move the large items the end of the month. I will be glad when it is done. This is the third time in three years and I am ready for a long break. Hope you are well.

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