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The BeZine is published quarterly on the fifteenth of March, June, September and December. Please read our Intro and Mission Statement and at least one back issue of The BeZine before submitting work for consideration. Each issue is theme based.

Please be mindful that our core team (The Bardo Group Beguines), guest contributors and readers represent the world’s diversity. Nonviolence, respect and inclusion are core values.

All work must be submitted in English and properly edited for publication. Submissions in other languages are fine but only if they are accompanied by an English translation.

Please send submissions to and put “submission” in the subject line.  If you were referred by one of our core team, please put their name in the subject line along with “submission.” Please include a brief bio not a curriculum vitae. If you have published the work submitted on your own website, blog, YouTube channel or other online venue you may send a link.

PLEASE NOTE: We apply the same standards with regard to content, quality, submission guidelines and reading policy that all high-caliber literary magazines do with the exception that we will consider work that is already published. The copyright, however, must be yours.

DEADLINE: The 10th of the month prior to the publication date, but for the June issue it is extended through May 20th. You still have some time.

Artwork by The Bardo Group Beguines team-member, © Corina Ravenscraft (Dragon’s Dreams) for The BeZine, 100,000 Poets (and Others) for Change, 2018.

Themes each year are consistent with the concerns of the global movement cofounded by Michael Rosenberg and Terri Carrion, 100,000 Poets (and others) for Change:

  • March, Peace;
  • June, Sustainability;
  • September, Social Justice

… and for December the shared value of The Bardo Group Beguines:

  • a life of the spirit.
On the fourth Saturday in September , we’ll hold our traditional 100,000 Poets (and other artists and friends) virtual event. Michael Dickel will be our master of ceremonies. Details in future announcements.

COPYRIGHT: You retain your copyright for work published in The BeZine. If you are doing multiple submissions, please let us know that you have submitted the work to other publications and advise us when and if the work is accepted elsewhere. From our perspective this does not preclude publication in The BeZine but we need to know if another publisher has contracted for first-time or exclusive rights.

We regret that we are unable to offer payment or editorial feedback. However, while we don’t offer payment we also don’t charge submission or reading fees or subscription fees. This effort is entirely volunteer run, a gift of love.

Some issues will include a subtheme and for June it is Domestic and Gendered abuse.  As of today (May 15, 2018) I have sufficient materal from women and would be interested in reviewing the work of other genders.)

All creative arts that lend themselves to online publication are acceptable for consideration: visual arts, literature and poetry, and music and film (video).

FICTION/NONFICTION/ESSAY: Should you have anything to submit for consideration that is over 1,000 words, please forward a brief one-paragraph summary description for preliminary evaluation.

POETRY: If you are submitting poetry, please don’t bomb us with work. Restrict your submissions to three at a time every three months. Be selective. Send your best.

VIDEO: One video at a time.

PHOTOGRAPHS and ILLUSTRATIONS: If you include these with your poems and features, then you must include the source with url and licensing information. We do not accept work that is not properly – respectfully – credited.

READING SCHEDULE: At the time of this writing, the reading schedule is variable but a regular schedule is forthcoming and will be announced.

Send your work for the zine to us at the

NEW THIS YEAR: We’ll submit nominations for The Pushcart Prize, probably in October. The BeZine welcomes – encourages – work from the world community, but The Pushcart Prize is only open to citizens of the United States.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you!

Be the peace.
Jamie Dedes, Founding and Managing Editor

Update: May 15, 2018


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  1. Where have all the poppies gone?
    Twenty eighth of June, 1914, Bang bang, Sarajevo, two dead, Franz and Sophie, the black hand of Gavrilo Princip,Twenty eighth of July, Bang bloody bang, retaliation, revenge, no return, bang,

    Bang bang bang, cavalry charge, the cannons explode, bang, August the 28th 1914, 27,000 Charleroi French dead, bang, ripples in a pond, splashes on a River Sambre, splash, bang,

    February the 17th, 1915 – 9th of January 1916, combined casualties 552,000, Gallipoli, Dardanelles, heat, disease,
    Bang bang bang, flares, bang, flash, bang, flash, screams, gas, silent death

    Bang bang bang, four years, four bloody years, bang, May 31st-1st or June 1915, short battle, huge impact, Britannia rules the waves?, 23 warships, 9,823 watery Jutland graves, bang, Silence, bang,

    Bang bang bang, whistle, whine, more screams, bang, Verdun, 21st February 1916 – 18th December 1916, 303 days of death and attrition, bang, 306,000 killed, 976,000 casualties , bang,

    Water, mud, thud mud thud, blood mud blood, dud, bang!,
    Ring ring ring, orders, orders orders, General command, July 31st-November 10th 1917, Passchendale, 858,000 undisputed casualties, bang,

    Fourteen, gone, bang, fifteen, gone, bang, sixteen, gone, bang, seventeen, gone, bang, eighteen, gone, battle of Marne, German casualties 168,000, 22 days, 7,636 per day, bang,Bang bang bang, fucking big bomb,

    BANG…Mons…November 11th 1918, R.i.p. George price,
    One of 45,000,000 casualties.


    3rd of September 1939,
    casualties unknown,


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