“Come sleep with me: We won’t make Love, Love will make us.” Julio Cortázar

The Cortázar quote is apropos of nothing except that I like his work and thought of that line (so fabulous!) after hearing this last evening on a PBS Brief But Spectacular Take on letting go by the new-to-me poet, Whitney Greenway. Sometimes the mind takes a strange turn on things. I’m getting old.  Anyway … THIS is the only piece of information I found online about her.  I’ll let her piece speak for itself except to say that I like it but have to add that sometimes we women disappoint men as well. The transcript is HERE.


  • This is last-minute but it might work for you if you’re interested and you have something ready to submit: Boston Review’s Annual Poetry Contest closes tonight.  You can submit online or via snail mail, which must be postmarked June 1.  $20 entry fee. $1,500 cash award and publication in Boston Review. Details HERE.
  • THE MASTERS REVIEW, A Platform for Emerging Writers offers a list of fourteen literary magazines and contests with June deadlines HERE.
  • And in from Poet, Editor and Founder of Diaphanous e-Journal, Krysia Jopek“A mix of news / update: instead of a full-length journal of Diaphanous as in 2017, we are shifting gears to “diaphanous micro”: an e-journal of literary and visual art. Each micro issue will feature the work of one artist, often in more than one genre. Stay tuned! diaphanous 2.1 should be launched within the next two weeks! Thank you for all of those involved. It’s been lovely to collaborate with some of the writers and visual artists to be featured. There will be an interview with the artist included in each issue after their poetry, micro/flash fiction, art; links to all their books and some commentary about the work included. The first artist/writer to be featured is J Karl Bogartte; second, Francine Witte.”  Diaphanous Press facebook page and website.
  • From Kallisto Gaia Press team member, writer/journalist Tony Burnett: “Let’s get busy writing. Two new Summer Writing Contests Antonio Ruiz-Camacho judges in Fiction. Carrie Fountain judges in Poetry. $1500.00 in prizes!”


Caveat Emptor: Please be sure to verify information for yourself before submitting work, buying products, paying fees or attending events et al.


Thank you!

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