“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [wo]men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Have you signed up to organize an event in your area. If not, hop too. What’s keeping you? Connect with Co-founder Michael Rothenberg for details or go to 100tpc.org.

Michael reports: “Over 200 events are confirmed for 100 Thousand Poets for Change 2018 Global Initiative! Welcome to organizers Pietro Sanzeri, Cianciana, Italy/ Cristina Raskopf Norcross-Oconomowoc, WI/ Tony Frisby– Brighton, United Kingdom/ and Suzanne Malesic-Charles Town, West Virginia! Spread the word.  Organize!” 

and further …

“Shout out 100 Thousand Poets for Change organizers Mbizo Chirasha-Harare, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia / Gianmario Marica- Alghero, Italy/ Delasnieve Daspet– Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil/ ADA LILIA CASTAÑEDA NEVAREZ- Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. Join these great poets and artists in spreading the word of peace. September 29 is the global day.”

and more …

“100 Thousand Poets for Change, a global community, welcomes organizers from Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Venezuela, North Korea, and every other country in the world. Our vision is peace, justice and sustainability. We will work together!”

Co-founder Terri Carrion posted a small selection of the posters that are already making their way into the world. Check out these posters and go to 100TPC.org to see if there is already something scheduled in your area.


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And please don’t forget: Our virtual event at The BeZine on the 29th with Master of Ceremonies, American-Israeli Poet, Michael Dickel (Meta/ Phor(e) /Play).  You will be able to participate in this event no matter where you are in the world and there’s no reason why you can’t do both our virtual event and an offline event should you choose to do so.  Between us, Michael and I will keep the virtual event going for at least 24 hours. Yes!  It’s a marathon. I’ll be posting details on how the virtual event works soon. It’s easy-peasy, as they say. You’ll enjoy.

Our September 15 edition of The BeZine will  focus on Social Justice with a subsection: Be the Peace. I’ll update the submissions page on The BeZine shortly (and alert you here – Sigh! just getting out of ISP hell – thumbs down to service provider Sonic) and I’ll offer regular updates in Sunday Announcements on The Poet by Day. The deadline for submissions to the September issue is August 10 and I’ll respond to submissions after they are all in. Keep in mind that we’re not just after poems: flash fiction, fiction, creative nonfiction, photography, art, videos, music videos on social justice and being the peace are welcome, anything that can be incorporated into an post.

Rock with us …

“A poet’s work . . . to name the unnamable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world and stop it from going to sleep.”  Salman Rushdie

Our lovely poster was designed by team-member, Corian Ravenscraft. Visit her HERE.



Poet and writer, I was once columnist and associate editor of a regional employment publication. Currently I run this site, The Poet by Day, an information hub for poets and writers. I am the managing editor of The BeZine published by The Bardo Group Beguines (originally The Bardo Group), a virtual arts collective I founded.  I am a weekly contributor to Beguine Again, a site showcasing spiritual writers.

My work is featured in a variety of publications and on sites, including: Levure littéraure, Ramingo’s PorchVita Brevis Literature,Compass Rose, Connotation PressThe Bar None GroupSalamander CoveSecond LightI Am Not a Silent PoetMeta / Phor(e) /Play, and  California Woman. 

Thank you!

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