“Is there a better method of departure by night
than this quiet bon voyage with an open book,
the sole companion who has come to see you off,
to wave you into the dark waters beyond language?”
Billy Collins, Questions About Angels

POETS READING THE NEWS is a digital platform open to world-wide submissions of unsolicited and original poetry and prose. “Poets Reading the News encourages writers of all backgrounds to submit their writing, in particular writers of color, women writers, emergent writers, LGBTQI+ writers, and writers from regions near and far.” Details HERE. This zine also hosts a weekly ekphrastic poetry and/or challenge based on a photo selected from a current news item.Deadlines are always Monday, 5 p.m. PSTDetails HERE.

TYPISHLY is a digital magazine that hosts Poetry Tuesdays. The submission fee is $4.77 and you can submit up to five poems. Typishly offers a weekly schedule of opportunities: Short Story Mondays; Poetry Tuesdays;  Wednesday Challenges; Emerging Writer Thursdays; Relationship Fridays Flash Fiction Saturdays; Unusual Sundays; Open Call: Poetry | Short Story. They promise a one-day turn-around in response. Details HERE.

NARRATIVE MAGAZINE’S ELEVENTH ANNUAL POETRY CONTEST is open now through July 14. Submission fee. Cash awards. Publicity. Possible publication. Details HERE.


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