PERCEPTIONS OF TIME: a distance-learning poetry workshop delivered by the stellar English poet, Myra Schneider

English Poet Myra Schneider at her 80th Birthday celebration and the launch of her 12th collection

A full-day workshop (5 hours plus). Price: £8.  Details HERE.

“Time plays a central role in every aspect of our lives. The workshop explores ways in which we perceive time and how we represent these perceptions in writing.

“Past experience crucially influences how we view the present and future. Earth’s distant past, cosmological time are difficult to imagine … Clock time is fixed but our impressions of time are subjective – an hour’s enjoyable exercise session will seem to be over quickly, but the minutes drag during a boring lecture…” © Myra Schneider via Second Light Network of Women Poets, publisher of ARTEMISpoetry

To order, contact Administrator, Anne Stewart, +44 (0)1689 811394 / +44 (0)7850 537489 or

Second Light Workshops

“We aim to fulfil our promise of ‘inclusivity’ for poets who are unable to travel to Second Light workshop events, however, our Remote Workshops are pitched at anyone wanting to enjoy a ‘work-out’ and/or kick-start a new selection of work. We also aim to keep our prices low enough for all to access.

“The workshops involve many varied exercises to stimulate new writing, some involving experimenting with formal forms and other approaches you may not have tried. They include notes and discussion points, simulating thoughts and comments of the sort that might be exchanged between participants in a ‘live’ workshop.

“Poems by women participants are eligible for consideration for ARTEMISpoetry, over and above any submission made under the general submission guidelines.” Second Light Network of Women Poets, further details on workshops HERE.

MYRA SCHNEIDER‘s latest and recent books are Persephone in Finsbury Park (SLP), The Door to Colour (Enitharmon); What Women Want(SLP). More at Myra Schneider website where you can also order Myra’s books.

HERE is a wonderful interview with Myra on the occasion of her 80th birthday earlier this year. Who wouldn’t want to gather and savor the voice of so much experience: thirteen collections of poetry, children’s books, author of Writing My Way Through Cancer and, with John Killick, Writing Yourself: Transforming Personal Material. Myra has collaborated on more anthologies than I can count, is a poetry coach and champion of women poets, a consultant to Second Light Network of Women Poets and a poetry editor.  Myra’s professional life seems like it is and always has been full and busy. Yet along the way – even when coping with catastrophic illness – Myra is able to take a breath, pick up her pen and inspire.

  • Myra’s Amazon page U.S. is HERE.
  • Myra’s Amazon page U.K. is HERE.



a pinch of here, a dash of there, a full-cup of fancy – a poem

write me long stories founded
on deranged times, mad men
and tough women, on loves lost
or unrequited, filled with agony

tell me tales with elms and oaks,
acorn promises and lively crocus
birthing new hope at springtime

spin long on victories weighty and
igneous as aged volcanic spew,
as stirring as a mother’s love

weave in the thrills of sharp minds,
other climes, indulgent feasts, and
cultured lives of purple privilege

take me on trips that spark tears
and joy like sunlight off ocean waves,
season with a wee pinch of here,
a dash of there, a full-cup of fancy

© 2017, Jamie Dedes