Daily Archives: November 11, 2017

A full-day workshop (5 hours plus). Price: £8.  Details HERE. “Time plays a central role in every aspect of our lives. The workshop explores ways in which we perceive time and how we represent these perceptions in writing. “Past experience crucially influences how we view the present and future. Earth’s distant past, cosmological time are difficult to imagine … Clock time is fixed but our impressions of time are subjective – an… Read More

write me long stories founded on deranged times, mad men and tough women, on loves lost or unrequited, filled with agony tell me tales with elms and oaks, acorn promises and lively crocus birthing new hope at springtime spin long on victories weighty and igneous as aged volcanic spew, as stirring as a mother’s love weave in the thrills of sharp minds, other climes, indulgent feasts, and cultured lives of purple privilege… Read More