Daily Archives: November 29, 2017

THE FLEXIBLE PERSONA, a literary magazine is hosting a “Short-Shorts Editors’ Prize” for flash-fiction up to 1,000 words. $6 submission fee. Cash awards: $125, $75, and $25. Deadline December 1. Details HERE. ABOUT THE POET BY DAY The Poet by Day, an information hub serving poets and writers Coffee, Tea and Poetry, Simple Pleasures for Body, Mind and Spirit (my blog, which is admittedly getting off to a slow start)… “I say let the… Read More

  This is dedicated to all those people, those who are blatantly themselves. ….…[[[You know the ones I mean.] Some, when seedlings, had family or teachers who jabbed a finger yelling: You! You! You! accusing them of being quintessentially themselves . . . as though that was wrong. They are the YOUs who come from multi-colored places with varied dreams and hearts woven of wonderlush They are the womanly or manly, childlike… Read More