“The next 100 Thousand Poets for Change (100TPC) global initiative will take place on September 29. I can’t emphasize too much how important I feel it is to organize globally this year, how important it is for poets and artists to raise their voices in unity with greater strength and conviction than in years past. I believe we are at a crossroads and we must make ourselves heard together.  Please sign up* to show the world that we are here together again! . . . Peace, Justice and Sustainability. We will not be broken!” Poet, Publisher and Co-founder of 100,000 Poets for Change, Michael Rothenberg

“Il prossimo evento 100 Thousand Poeti per un cambiamento una iniziativa globale sarà il 29 settembre.

Io non vorrei enfatizzare troppo quanto io sento importante per i poeti e gli artisti di far crescere uniti la loro voce con grande forza e convizione rispetto gli anni passati.
Io credo che siamo ad una svolta importante e dobbiamo rimanere con forza uniti .
Molti di voi siete già stati con me in questo evento ma desidero che vi segnate di nuovo in questa lista per mostrare che noi siamo ancora insieme tutti!
Postate la vostra città ed io i assegnerò per organizzare nella vostra città.
Pace Giustizia e Sostenibilità. 
Noi non vogliamo essere piegati e spezzati!”

* Michael adds that, “Many of you have already been with me in this event but I want you to mark yourself again on this list to show that we are still together everyone!” You can sign-up on-line (follow the link to 100TPC) or connect with Michael on Facebook and give him your city. He will assign you to organize in your city.

Peace – Justice – Sustainability

Mark your calendars, sign-up for 100TPC to host an event in your area, and join with us at The BeZine for our Virtual 100TPC …

Artwork by The Bardo Group Beguines team-member, Corina Ravenscraft (Dragon’s Dreams) for The BeZine, 100,000 Poets (and Others) for Change, 2018

Each year at The BeZine we participate in this global effort by hosting a virtual event. This makes it convenient for folks all over the world to take part even if there isn’t an event in their area or if for some reason they are homebound. More details will follow here and at The BeZine as we get closer to the date. Michael Dickel is – as has become a lovely tradition – our Master of Ceremonies.

Questions about the Zine 100TPC? Email me at bardogroup@gmail.com

Questions about Global 100TPC? Connect with Michael Rothenberg on Facebook.



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